As part of our Bureau Print Service Smart Print & Labels offer Printed Postage Impressions (PPI labels). We supply these on a roll for ease of application and storage.

When you’re sending large quantities of mail Printed Postage Impressions (PPI) offer a simple, pre-printed alternative to postage stamps or franking machines. PPI labels are the most efficient way to indicate that postage has been paid. The service is ideal for activities such as direct mail and the distribution of promotional material, or where large numbers of identical mail is involved

Postage Labels
postage labels

Why use PPI Labels?

  • They save you time You can pre-print your PPI labels in advance.
  • They’re cost-effective and convenient Many of the services that use PPIs offer discounts and Royal Mail can also provide you with convenient payment methods

Please contact us for all your Postage Paid label enquiries

We ensure that images conform to Royal Mail’s stringent requirements for these labels, so you can order with confidence. Please contact us for further details and prices for your PPI labels.


Or email your enquiry to ku.oc1550535333.sleb1550535333altra1550535333ms@se1550535333las1550535333 and we’ll be pleased to offer you a quotation.