Smart Print & Labels offer a range of “specialist” labels both plain and printed, for use as Asset, Security, Pat labels. These are used in businesses where assets need to be labelled, possibly numbered and barcoded but where it would be apparent if any one had tried to tamper or remove the label.

Airports, Hotels, Financial Institutions and companies manufacturing or distributing high value goods are just some of the potential users of asset/security labels.

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For Asset/Security labels we print onto 3 main base materials, eitherDestructible Vinyl (which “chips” away into little pieces if anyone tries to remove the label) , Tamper Evident “Void” or “Chainlink” polyester whereby the word “void” or symbol” chainlink” appears in the face of the label & leaves a similar residue on the item if anyone should try to remove it.

Our Asset Identification/Security labels are of a bespoke (special making) nature so we offer unique combinations of label size, any of the above base materials and print to suit your requirement. So the first step is always pricing your exact requirement (every one is different!) and for that reason we do not have a comprehensive catalogue or price list.
We also supply labels used for Portable appliance testing (often referred to as PAT LABELS)

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In these instances we would print onto a matt white vinyl or paper leaving spaces where operators may hand write dates and signatures. We can supply the labels “Part Laminated” whereby the operator can seal over the date and signature with a clear laminate already partly attached to the label so that the label can not be altered at a later date.

If required we can supply labels produced from aluminium either adhesive backed or without adhesive supplied with drill holes for riveting onto your products. These labels will be sturdy, attractive and are water resistant and can be used in outdoor applications.

We produce labels by various print processes dependant on size, material, adhesive and run quantity required.

Please contact us for all your Asset/Security/PAT label enquiries 

For further information see our FAQ

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We can supply labels on rolls (25mm, 44mm or 76mm cores)
Most of the labels we produce are bespoke but we do have some generic designs to save on plate costs

Turnaround on special makings varies from 5 – 20 working days dependant on material choices, press loadings etc


Or email your enquiry to ku.oc1550538621.sleb1550538621altra1550538621ms@se1550538621las1550538621 and we’ll be pleased to offer you a quotation.