Not all label printing companies are the same – there are some that are overpriced or provide poor quality printing, others that do an average job and there are those who deliver stellar labels each time. Since your label is your brand you want to choose a label printing service that will help you stand out. You want to get labels that help you increase your sales. To choose the best label printing service use the following tips:

•    The quality of labels is the most important factor. Good labels comprise of a good design, quality materials, adhesive and ink. Established label printing suppliers have samples of work they did in the past to show prospective clients. Don’t just see their online portfolio – ask them to send samples to your office so that you can see the kind of ink and paper they use.

•    If you run a small to medium sized business one of your primary concerns may be keeping costs down. It’s important to ensure that lower costs aren’t due to providing low quality materials. Do your research or use a reputable label printing service.

•    How long does it take a label printing service to complete and deliver an order? This is very important because the last thing you want is your business being held back by the delayed manufacture or delivery of your labels. Include a turnaround time in your contract so that you can have recourse in case delays cost you money.

•    Customer service also matters. How do they handle clients? Are they polite and informative? In addition to that, find out how they deal with complaints and whether there is a guarantee in case there is a problem.

One of the best label printing companies in the UK is Smart Print & Labels. They are expert designers and they produce top quality labels.