Sustainable Labels
As the need for sustainability increases, companies are being placed under greater amounts of scrutiny over their environmental impact.

Here at Smart Print and Labels are always on the look out for the latest way of making your business more sustainable.

We are excited to be able to offer a wide range of products that will enable you to work towards your sustainability goals.

Recycled Material
There’s a range materials that are entirely or partially made up of recycled materials
Sugar Cane Bagasse
The label is made from bagasse – a sugarcane fibre waste product created by the sugar refining industry
Marble Label
Made from waste produced when mining marble. It is then bonded with recycled HDPE.
The material must break down in to natural elements within 12 months
Very similar to biodegradable however it will return nutrients to the soil
Grass Based
Paper made from 100% grass materials
Wash Off
Materials specifically designed to be removed when recycling